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soap company aromaNature in Southwest France since 2001

Making soap is both simple and magic!

It is the simple mixture of an alkali liquid (water, herbal infusion or milk) and a choice of vegetable oils that magically emulsify to become soap. .
We like to think of it as magic of course but soap is in fact the result of a chemical reaction. With the knowledge of the makeup of each ingredient, accurate measurements and well-balanced recipes, our finished products are soaps that foam luxuriously, smell fantastic, are mild and gentle to the skin and above all CLEAN!

aromaNature: french handcraft organic soaps

Cold process soapmaking

We use only the traditional "cold-processed" method of soapmaking, which we believe is the most natural and simple method; meaning that nothing is unnecessarily taken out or added in to our recipes. Throughout the "saponification" process two products are created: soap and glycerin.
Large and industrial soapmakers often remove the natural glycerin from the soap as it is a valuable by-product and creates a stickier product that is not compatible with the machines used for milling etc.
After mixing all ingredients thoroughly the soap is poured into molds and left undisturbed for at least 24 hours. At this time it is cut into bars and left to "cure" for a month. During this time the saponification process is completed and any excess water evaporates leaving us with a beautiful mild bar of soap.

Colour and texture

We use only natural herbs and spices and are constantly discovering the amazing colors that nature provides such as the brilliant blue created by adding an infusion of Alkanet Root.
It is our choice not to use synthetic colours or fragrances in our soaps as we feel that nature offers a wide enough choice already!

We hope that you enjoy using our soaps as much as we enjoy making them…
Mesure water  and caustic soda (NaHo)... to make the lye solution. Melt the fats, then weigh the liquid oils...
that are added to the melted fats. We prepare colors and texture.
Then we weigh the essential oils (your fragrance). We mix the lye solution into the oils.
The mixture gets slightly thicker as we mix Then we add the other ingredients: marygold petals in this recipe...
...along with the Eos (Essential oils). We mix again until we see the trace. We pour in mold that was lined before (if necessary). The chemical reaction expands: we can then see the gel stage. Unmolding and cutting after 24 h. And drying for 4 weeks.

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