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soap company aromaNature in Southwest France since 2001

The main purpose of our soap is to clean your skin! Our biggest challenge is to do so gently, it is all down to the choice of quality ingredients and the experience we have in formulating balanced recipes.

We would like to share the properties of some of the ingredients you will find in our products. If you see something below that suits your needs, we are sure you will find it listed as an ingredient on our Soaps page!

aromaNature: french handcraft organic soaps

         Vegetable oils & butters
  • Camelina oil: one of the richest oil for omega-3. Origin: France, direct from producer, organic.
  • Argan oil: No no longer included in our soaps. Why?.
  • Safflower Oil*: This oil is dedicated to oily or mixt skins. Origin: EC, organic
  • Beeswax*: Protects and softens the skin. Subtitute for petroleum based mineral oil in our balms, as well as in our honey soap. Origin: France, direct from producer, organic
  • Castor oil*: A natural humectant and extremely moisturizing. organic
  • Cocoa Butter*: Soothes and softens skin. Included in our lip balm. organic
  • Hemp Seed Oil*: High in essential fatty acids, composition similar to borage oil. - Direct from French organic grower (Lot & Garonne, France)
  • Olive Oil: Very mild and moisturizing. Rich in vitamins and minerals. 30% minimum in all of our recipes. Origin: Spain, direct from producer, organic
  • Palm oil*: There has been alot of controversy over this oil over the past few years. Origin: Colombia, fairtrade organicClick here to read how we feel about it.
  • Rapeseed oil*: very similar to the structure of olive oil. Origin: France, direct from producer, organic
  • Shea Butter*: Emollient and nourishing, high in unsaponifiables. Good for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. organic
         Essential oils (on average 3% - 4% in our scented soaps)
  • Cedar*: Antiseptic, mild astringent, acne, tonic
  • Eucalyptus*: Anti-bacteria, insect repellent, anti-viral, antiseptic, sore muscles
  • Lavender: Too many properties to list! Great for all skin types, sensitive skins, babies
  • Litsea Cubeba*: Oily skin and acne, deodorant, antiseptic, fresh lemon scent
  • Lemongrass*: Stimulating, antiseptic, deodorant, refreshing
  • Palmarosa*: Hydrating, stimulating, anti-bacteria
  • Patchouli: Helps regeneration of cells, acne, dermatitis
  • Peppermint*: Cleansing, acne, antiseptic, stimulating
  • Rosemary*: Mental stimulant, antiseptic
  • Sweet Orange*: Anti-depressant, sunny scent
  • Tea-tree*: Acne, anti-viral, anti-fungal, cold sores
  • Ylang Ylang*: Improves the balance in sebum secretion, a very sweet flower note
         Other natural additives
  • Glycerin (naturally present): byproduct of the saponification process, glycerol is a wonderful skin softener. Extracted from the industrial soap process (for its high commercial value), glycerin naturally remains in cold process soap (8-10%) for an extraordinary effect on your skin.
  • Ewe's (or sheep's) milk: the richest farm animal milk (8/10% fat content)- the fat turns into soap during chemical process and has a very rich softening effect on the skin. Origin: France, direct from producer, organic
  • Honey: Nourishing and hydrating, full of vitamins and minerals, healing. - Direct from our village beekeeper.
  • Carrot juice: Rich in Vitamins A & C. Gives a nice orange color to our carrot soap. Direct from local farmers (or the garden).
  • Calendula: The Calendula extract (botanical name for marigold) has interesting healing and anti-inflammatory properties. We use it on insect bites or stings, burns, abces, irritations, rashes, cuts, scratches, eczema,etc. Our calendula salve contains a powerful calendula extract (CO2 extraction) in a natural base of beewax and hemp seeds oil. Direct from our garden!
  • Flaxseeds, ground almonds: Used as naturel exfoliants
  • Clays: Cleansing properties and a natural colorant. Also adds "slip" to our shaving soaps. We use all sorts of clays: greeen, red, white and pink. Origin: France, direct from producer, organic
*certified orgarnic agriculture         
For obvious financial reasons and because we exclusively use essential oils in our soaps, we are unable to offer many natural fragrances that delight our soul: camomille, jasmin, neroli, lemon verbena, sandalwood and rose to name a few.
Be very cautious with cosmetic claims and adverts widely advertising essential oils but whose products actually contain just a tiny portion of the great substance (so they can make this claim), the majority of the scent being synthetic which is much much cheaper.
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