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soap company aromaNature in Southwest France since 2001

aromaNature has always been motivated by the desire to use simple natural products to care for our skin just as we eat healthy natural food to take care of our bodies.
The former being just as important in leading a healthy balanced lifestyle.
Are you concerned with what you use on your skin?
We are just as concerned with what goes into our soaps. . .
aromaNature: french handcraft organic soaps

  • Our soaps are made using 100% vegetable oils
  • Only essential oils are used to scent our soaps
  • Each soap is superfatted
  • Using the cold process method, vegetable glycerin is naturally present in our bars. (In industrial production, a bar seldom contains its natural glycerin)
  • No synthetic ingredients are used (colour and texture come from use of clays, herbs, flowers, leaves, spices, etc.)
  • Our soaps are handmade and handcut
Due to the handmade nature, each bar is unique!
AromaNature makes no claims for our soaps except that they'll clean and that they will make you feel fantastic!
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64390 - Burgaronne FRANCE
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100% saponification à froid