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soap company aromaNature in Southwest France since 2001

We favour direct sales and market our soaps locally. Its our way to maintain a close contact with our customers and a minimum level of economic growth (similar production volume for the last 6 years) As a result of this choice, our retailers list is quite short and the events we partake in are concentrated in the region of southwest France. There is a exclusive character to our soap and we love that people manage to find us virtually and order soap via our website.

Please phone us for appointment before visiting us at home.
aromaNature: cold process soaps with natural ingrédients

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JULY 2: Organic blueberry festival at Bournos (country lunch at the farm)

Saturdays at Sauveterre de Béarn market 9h-12h, place royale
Tuesdays morning 10 am - 1 pm at duck farm Lamotte, Salies de Béarn (64)
15: Producers market at Burgaronne (64) 3 pm - 7 pm - the producers blog
20: Producers market in Sauveterre de Béarn from 6 pm
29: Medieval festival in Sauveterre de Béarn 9am -6pm
AUGUST 2: Producers market in Orthez from 6 pm by the cathedral
Tuesdays morning 10 am - 1 pm at duck farm Lamotte, Salies de Béarn (64)
15: local craftfair ( Vieux Métiers) Pipéradere at Salies de Béarn (64)
Saturdays 9h-12h at the market of Sauveterre (64)
19: Blonde cows festival at Sauveterre de Béarn (64)
20: Middl-age Fair at Navarrenx () - 10 am - 6 pm
SEPTEMBER 10: ASUNAK Basque organic producers'fair (Mendionde, 64) details on the site of BIO-AQUITAINE
24: 3rd Food market with Lou Bacchus in MAslacq (64)
Saturdays 9h-12h at the market in Sauveterre (64)
OCTOBER Saturdays 9h-12h, , at the market in Sauveterre (64), except 14th & 28th)
NOVEMBER Saturdays 9h-12h market in Sauveterre (64), except 11th)
DECEMBER 15-16-17: 21th Organic fair ASPHODELE, Pau (64) Conference & demo
Saturdays 9h-12h (except 16th dec.) in the market in Sauveterre (64)
  • Biocoop, Biarritz (64) near the airport
  • Farm Lait Ptits Béarnais, Castétis (64)
  • Tourism offices Sauveterre / Salies / Orthez / Navarenx
  • Epicerie Sans Fin, Sauveterre de Béarn
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