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Sussex, UK
16th & 17th, April 2016

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soap company aromaNature in Southwest France since 2001

A pioneer cold process soap making company in France (2001), aromaNature was the very first soapmaker in France to offer soap courses to the public, both in the south of France and in Paris. Since 2004, aromaNature has trained more than 600 people and among them, a few dozen have set up their own professional « savonnerie ». More recently, soapcourses have been offered in Vancouver, Canada (2013 & 2015), Switzerland (2013), Belgium (2014), and our latest offer for 2016 in East Sussex, UK is now open for bookings !

Leanne & Sylvain Chevallier are also authors of 2 beautiful soapmaking books in French. One called « Je crée mes savons au naturel » (publisher : Terre Vivante, 2010), the first of its kind written by a French soapmaker….. The book has been a great success, and within the first two months, it went into its first « re-print » (4 other reprints have followed) and was translated into German and Romanian in 2011. In 2013, a second book was published "Faites vos savons maison" (Publisher: Editions Utovie) which has equally been a great success.

Alongside 7 other talented and adventurous female soapmakers, Leanne from aromaNature joined a humanitarian mission in Nigeria in 2009, organised by Makesoapbiz (Melinda Coss is the well known author of numerous soapmaking books). Over the years, we have also worked with other associations, such as the NGO « Enda Maghreb » in Morocco in 2007, to assist in setting up a soapmaking cooperative with a group of women in southern Morocco.

In 2013 and 2015, Leanne, one of the founders of aromaNature, hosted 2 Canadian soapmaking courses which took place over two days one on beautiful Vancouver Island and the second in North Van. Wildslope Farm, near Victoria, BC, is where the 1rst weekend took place. Lisa from Two Daughters Bakeshop (North Vancouver) and our host Brie provided our mid-day meals using local organic products! It was an exceptional & creative weekend. The second course was recently set up right in Two daughters bakery shop in North. Our Canadian (and other international destination) courses follow the same "tried and tested" method and rhythm as our longstanding courses in France. We welcome beginners and seasoned soapmakers alike and can offer our course in either French or English.

aromaNature: french handcraft organic soaps

The aim of our soap course is to teach individuals to make soap at home easily, comfortably using natural ingredients and the cold process method.
To formulate one's own recipes, to work with noble natural ingredients, to magically transform liquid fats into beautiful solid bars of soap are among the many pleasures that come from home soapmaking. This will change the way you see soap as a skincare product.
We wish to share our experience and help you find more satisfaction and becoming more conscious when choosing your cosmetics products.

The week-end program
  • Soap: what is it, the difference with other types of soap, and why make your own ?
  • Cold process soap method: safety rules, step by step procedures, recipe formulation, unique recipes.
  • Equipment, ingredients and their properties, suppliers, etc.
  • Demos and lots of practical hands-on work.
  • You will also go home with a very complete course manual and approximately 1 kg of your own handmade soap !
Who are aromaNature’s students ?
  • Anyone interested in knowing what goes into what they use on their skin every day and would like to create their own beauty and hygiene products, knowing everything they used to make it !
  • Individuals looking for a career change. This type of soapmaking is a perfect « cottage industry » small business.
  • Individuals looking to create a part time activity and to earn a second income.
  • Professional producers and/or growers of raw materials looking to transform their products into soap. We have taught, milk farmers (cow, sheep, goat, and a lot of donkey milk farmers !), vegetable oil producers, bee-keepers, medicinal/aromatic plant growers or distillers, wine-makers and even pig farmers, how to incorporate their products into wonderful soap, adding value to their business.
  • Owners of bed and breakfast, small hotels, or spa’s.
  • The list goes on….
NOW available for 16th & 17th, April 2016 in East Sussex, England. Please contact us for further information on learning to make soap in the UK.

Our soapcourse can be customized in English or French upon request (Our master soapmaker is a native English/French-spoken originating from Canada). If you are interested, we can quote our classic soapcourse for a group between 4 and 8 people anywhere in Europe or further abroad. Please contact us directly for details.

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