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soap company aromaNature in Southwest France since 2001

We would love to share with you some of our favourite people or things: suppliers, customers, partners, events, networks, etc. There is also our selection of films and books that have become favourites over the years.

aromaNature: french handcraft organic soaps

  • Beendhi, Organic artisan food shop in Paris professionaly run by our friend Beena Paradis, hosts our soap courses in Paris. Check out her "ready to cook" indian meals, quality spices and more, prepared in her atelier. It's organic, vegetarian and gluten-free.
  • Pierre Deschamps, award winning film maker and photographer, (of almost all the photos on our site and in our book) -
  • Bilby & Co, Marina is a friend and runs the very first cosmetic ingredients retail shop to open in France (2004) -
  • Melinda Coss, the famous English soapmaker and author, now a top soap business consultant. Organizer of the soap mission in Nigeria amongst others. You may need her for getting serious with your soap making business -
  • Terre Vivante, our publisher of our first book -
  • Utovie, our second publisher and organizer of the great organic fair in Pau(64), Asphodèle -
  • La Garbure, Pyrenees donkey breeders, Pierre Yves & Nadine, run a beautiful donkey hiking business in the Aspe Valley-
  • Gîte Lepehau, since 2004, Helen & Martin have kindly hosted our soap course as well as cooking wonderful meals for our groups! - www.lepehau.
  • Auberge de la Fontaine: our favorite local restaurant in Laàs (64), thanks to Suzie & Jean Luc for spoiling us... -
  • Nadine Aureille, a pionneer producer of organic hemp products in Lot-et-Garonne - tel: 05 53 36 52 93
  • Anita Duhau, unique producer of cow and goat cheese (handmade from a superb herd of pyrenean goats), a polyculture farm, an inspirational woman in an extraordinary setting. Possibility of training/immersion farm stays -la ferme Pédronia
  • François Gailicou, producer of organic canola oil and beef next to our village, conveniant! - tel: 05 59 38 53 65
  • Lait Ptits Béarnais, producer of organic milk and milk products near Orthez. Sublime cheese and raw milk- tel: 05 59 67 83 73
  • Les Papilles Insolites fresh local seasonal cuisine to be eaten in their Natural wine cellar, it is the perfect sustainable restaurant in Pau, rue Taylor- le menu du jour, svp!
Books & movies:
  • "The third industrial revolution", Jeremy Rifkin, the next economy based on lateral power and shared energy, brilliant book for a very positive analysis of the changing world economy...
  • "In defense of food" Michael Pollan. Common sense, positive, easy to read! it is one of the guidelines to the way we eat -author's site
  • "Nos enfants nous accuseront" Jean Paul Jaud 2008, think of your kids! - le site
  • "Solutions locales pour un désordre local" Coline Serreau 2009 , reminding us to support our local responsible farmers - le site
  • Autoconstruire en Paille by S. Chevallier - available on
  • "A crude awakening" US documentary 2007, for those who still have doubts (the end of oil energy!)
  • "The power of community", How cuba suvived the oil peak - the site
Networks, blogs:
  • BLE, basque association promoting organic small range agriculture. made a tremendous job in our area (canteen, conversion, etc)
  • GAB65, the organic producer Association in the Pyrenees (65), they produced a very comprehensive dvd in French about "reintroducing ancient grains locally" - the site
  • Botmobil, an exceptional encounter with Tom Rijven, designer of strawbale houses and master of mud plastering - cooperative work
  • Salies in transition, Our local Transition Town ! - détail
  • Vandana Shiva, I was lucky to attend her conference "Democraty of the Earth", a magnificent lady of our planet. - Le site de navdanya
  • Réseau Sortir du nucléaire, main French association for abondoning nuclear energy for alternatives. here
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