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"Je crée mes savons au naturel"
(a beautiful book on natural hand made soap making)

French publisher : Editions Terre Vivante - 120 pages (21x21 cm)- Publisher site

Our book was first published in October 2010 and was an instant success in France, leading to a second printing in less than 2 months. The rights have been purchased for a German version which will be available shortly. A very detailed and useful book which is enhanced with delightful photography by Pierre Deschamps, an award winning filmmaker and photographer.

Savon à froid à base d'ingrédients naturels

Cold processed soap making is everything but complicated or difficult. Using basic, natural ingredients – an alkali, fats or oils and water – no cooking is required and no chemical or synthetic additives are needed. The advantages of this traditional method of soap making include ; preserving the wonderful properties of the ingredients used and the high quantity of natural glycerin that remains present in the final soap.

The 30 recipes included in this book, prepared with only 100% natural ingredients, allow you to create a product which is a daily necessity and is adapted to all skin types, while having fun making them. Some examples : a gentle bar for the face, a dynamic citrus scented bar, a soap kind enough for babies skin, and many recipes for dry and sensitive skin.

This book is also full of detailed information on all ingredients used in soap making – fats and oils, essential oils, natural colorants and textures. A saponification value table is included, giving the reader all of the tools necessary to formulate their very own soap recipes.

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